Greg Smith Keynote Speaker

"Inner Strength" Expert. Great Conference Opener/Closer. Stories of Disability, Diversity, Determination.

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Arizona State University

Undergraduate Student Government Series Speaker at "Old Main," the oldest building on campus at my Alma Mater!

University of Tennessee

After I spoke to the Vols, they won the next game in 5 overtimes vs. Alabama, and the next 5 games to finish the season!


Another sponsor of the radio show. Spoke to staff of Microsoft Accessibility Group.

General Motors

GM sponsored my radio show and invited me to keynote at two regional sales meetings.

Social Security Administration

Delivered keynote in Los Angeles at annual conference about strength in diversity


Keynoted at National Disability Awareness Month event.

Inner Strength…

A Powerful Messenger: Keynote Speaker Greg Smith

Inner Strength is the single most important common characteristic shared by winners.  As “The Strength Coach,” Greg Smith is uniquely qualified to teach lessons from experience that will make winners out of the people you most want to inspire. 

Greg is amazing because he doesn’t inspire–rather he MOTIVATES people into action. Inspiration doesn’t always result in a return on investment, but getting people to move, change, adjust, and re-engage–that’s powerful, and that’s what Greg does.”

– Rebecca Cokley, Executive Director at National Council on Disability

At age 50, Greg should not still be alive!  He is “skin and bones” physically, weighing 65 pounds, soaking wet.   He was born with muscular dystrophy and doctors expected him to perish before his 20s. He uses a power wheelchair and his torso is supported by three surgically implanted metal rods attached to his spine. In 2005, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and told to plan for just five more years. Today, he is still flying around the country, enlightening people by teaching his area of expertise: Inner Strength.  Throughout his life, Greg has had to work harder at everything to be successful. His insights will spark your group to seek out and build inner strength for individual and group success!

 “The Strength Coach,” is a thought-provoking, entertaining and funny motivational speaker with a genuine, must-hear message that will inspire any audience of any age in any setting.  When he takes the stage in his power wheelchair, the moment he reveals his deep commanding voice, your audience will be hooked. Greg delivers outstanding presentations for:

  • Corporate Groups
  • Professional Associations
  • Colleges/Universities
  • High Schools
  • Government Agencies
  • Sales Teams
  • Disability Conferences/Events

Most will laugh.  All will smile.  Many will nod.  Some will cry.  All will rise.  All will cheer.  All will be glad they were here!

You want a speaker who will energize your attendees and make you stand out as a great conference planner.  You want “The Strength Coach,” Greg Smith!

Greg Smith's smile overpowers his physically weak body.


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Very entertaining speaker; very powerful and touching. Bring him back. We all need inspiration!

Mr. Smith was wonderful. I would recommend him as a presenter. The presentation was interesting, informative, and enjoyable!

Wonderfully presented with appropriate topic and motivational subject; great humor, overall A+.

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