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"Inner Strength" Expert. Great Conference Opener/Closer. Stories of Disability, Diversity, Determination.

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Arizona State University

Undergraduate Student Government Series Speaker at "Old Main," the oldest building on campus at my Alma Mater!

University of Tennessee

After I spoke to the Vols, they won the next game in 5 overtimes vs. Alabama, and the next 5 games to finish the season!


Another sponsor of the radio show. Spoke to staff of Microsoft Accessibility Group.

General Motors

GM sponsored my radio show and invited me to keynote at two regional sales meetings.

Social Security Administration

Delivered keynote in Los Angeles at annual conference about strength in diversity


Keynoted at National Disability Awareness Month event.

Want to win? Put “The Strength Coach” in!

If your goal is to ignite, inspire and motivate people to perform better, while also entertaining and engaging them, you should bookmark this page. You may find yourself reading every word and watching every video… and realizing that Greg Smith is the strongest candidate to fill the role of keynote speaker for your important event.

His DIS-ability (muscular dystrophy) is the source of his ABILITY to leave your group motivated to “Go Full-Strength!” Greg Smith is an expert at turning weaknesses into strengths, leading to increased passion, productivity and profits.

“The Strength Coach” seizes attention from the outset. He tells the story of how a lifetime of accepting the changes that come with gradual muscle weakening has built within him a tremendous inner strength.  But refreshingly, he does it a way that will have your audience laughing once a minute and be blown away with the impact of his message.

Greg Smith is a very engaging, dynamic, funny, entertaining and inspiring communicator who has worked at the professional level for 17 years. Since graduating from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, Greg Smith has:

  • Served as Research/Sales Promotion Director at KTAR Radio in Phoenix, AZ
  • Hosted NFL Post-game show “Cardinal Talk” for 3 seasons
  • Become a professional member of the National Speakers Association
  • Started his own nationally syndicated radio program on disability issues
  • Authored two books
  • Been the subject of a PBS award-winning documentary film seen by 1.5 million people
  • Raised three children as a single parent

In his keynote address, Greg transcends the temporary “fired up” feeling that most motivational speakers deliver as a short-term solution. He leaves people inspired to work together as a productive team. People gain a lasting passion to do their important work while coping with and embracing change, and creating significant, competitive and desired outcomes on a daily basis.

Greg’s strategies and tactics for building inner strength are tangible and easy to follow. Based on consultation with you in advance, he will inspire people to do specifically what it is you want them to do.

Greg also offers his Avanoo follow-up systems and training programs to reinforce his message and ensure the highest return on investment after your people experience the first presentation.

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Very entertaining speaker; very powerful and touching. Bring him back. We all need inspiration!

Mr. Smith was wonderful. I would recommend him as a presenter. The presentation was interesting, informative, and enjoyable!

Wonderfully presented with appropriate topic and motivational subject; great humor, overall A+.

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