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What I Learned in Bed Last Night

Learning new tricks in bed

Every night, I sleep with the remote to my television, the remote to my Amish heater, and my cell phone. I figured out a while back that I should also sleep without covers under the ceiling fan, and adjust the temperature in my room with the heater. This way, I am not limited by the weight of the covers, which allows me to turn over much more easily.

This simple adjustment allows me to get much better sleep. Previously, every time I needed to turn over, I would have to wake up completely and figure out how to position the covers that were preventing me from rolling. I would have to struggle to get them out of my way.

In the past, I would frequently just pick up my cell phone and call for help in order turn at night. But since I have discovered the freedom that resulted from absence of covers, I have been doing this independently for the most part.

Moments ago, I woke up with the need to turn over. After working through the five minute process of posturing my body and gaining the leverage to make the turn, it was time to nestle back into the rest of my night’s sleep.

But the room was getting warm, and I needed to turn the heater off for a while. I put my hand behind my back to feel around for the remote. I tried every position of my arms I could think of to increase the area of my search. I felt the remote to the television. I found my phone. But I could not find the small remote for that heater!

The temperature in the room swelled. I bent my arms backwards and folded them using all kinds of leverage tricks to try to increase the areas that I could feel around for it. Nothing seemed to work.

My options were to call for help, endure the hot temperature of the room, or dig deeper and find a way to locate the remote.

What I love about having muscular dystrophy is that it constantly challenges me to use my mind to compensate for what my body can’t do. I always find a way. I love the feeling of victory over the challenge.

I could not feel the remote. I needed to see where it was. How could I see it? I turned my cell phone on and put it in “video camera mode.” I turned the flash on and started to record. Pointing the camera behind my back, I moved it slowly up-and-down facing the mattress behind me to try to locate the remote! After recording for about 20 seconds, I turned the camera off and looked at my “film.”

Nothing… nothing… There it is! Right next to the TV remote only about an inch closer to my body that I had felt. How did I miss it when I was feeling around?

But now I knew exactly where it was. I easily grabbed it, turned the temperature down in the room and began writing this story, because I felt proud of my creative solution to the problem. Another little victory in the game of life! Now back to sleep.

Would you have thought of that solution? I am learning that the answers to all of our problems are within reach. It’s just a matter of focusing on the solutions and bringing them out of the darkness using new sources of light.

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2 thoughts on “What I Learned in Bed Last Night

  1. Now days people are consumed by video games, back in the day I loved the game of twister…. Greg, I love your optimism over muscular dystrophy. The excerpt here that states ” what I love about Muscular Dystrophy” is brilliant. You’ve made your challenges into a game of life and you are forever victorious!

  2. I certainly can relate to your dilemma! It’s usually my TV remote that hides from me. Unfortunately, my land line phone has no video capability. Very creative solution, Greg!

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