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What Do You Believe?

If you can believe in God, you can believe in yourself!

with Pastor of St. James United Methodist Church, LaSonya DeBose

Happy Easter! About a month ago, I had a spiritual discussion with my cousin Ben, who is a football coach and a minister. The debate was about faith. I’ve been thinking about my faith endlessly since then. I have watched “The Bible” on the History Channel. I have analyzed and processed the information. I’ve flipped through recommended scripture on my Bible iPhone ap. I have Google searched for scientific, natural explanations. And in the end, I have concluded that faith is trust. My faith is stronger than ever. And I’m not nearly alone. An annual Gallup poll consistently reveals that when asked the question “Do you believe in God or a universal spirit?,” 9 in 10 Americans say “Yes.”

If you are one of those nine out of ten, you believe in miraculous events. If are one of the 90%, then you believe things that no man, no science can explain.

If you have all that faith, then I have a question for you? It should be a Gallup poll question: “Do you believe in yourself?”

If a person has belief in God and belief in himself/herself, that person has true power… true inner strength. As I worship this weekend, I will pray that you realize that your very existence is a miracle, and so are the dreams you have for yourself. I pray that you believe in yourself and in your ability to make all your dreams your reality.

God bless…

Greg’s cousin, Ben Barnes

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