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Warning for Teens and Young Adults: “Beware the Social Devil!”

Berkeley Blog

Guest Blog By Berkeley Smith

Are you addicted?

I’m fed up. I’m exposing this because I want to help others who are going through the same thing and don’t even realize it.  This originated as a post on Facebook and I invited my friends to “read it until the end or unfriend me.”  It was directed to teens and young adults, but applies to everyone.

As I sit here and try to find myself I question all existence. Who am I and what have I become? Like everyone, there are still things about myself that I am afraid to bring to surface out of disappointment.  I just keep these thoughts quiet and promise to never do them again.  But this is one I feel a responsibility to share.

I’ve turned into some kind of monster who feeds off of other people. Where did that creative butterfly go? Where is the “me” from a couple years ago who sat in her room plotting her own success, writing music, creating goals for herself? Doing these things was my passion. I want to know what it is that dragged me away from myself. What happened?

The question forced my brain to answer.  Suddenly, I realize why my life hasn’t been the way it should be. Social Media: “The Social Devil” of all devils who feeds off distracting you from your life and what’s really important.

It became a habit or some sort of addiction. If I think about how much time I actually spent on my phone, scrolling through timelines, Googling celebrities who I don’t know anything about, or watching Vines, I realize that if I continued down this path my life would be a disaster.

Young adults are trapped into this life and still don’t know it. Some people may read this and laugh at how ridiculous it sounds. The ones who laugh are already too deep into it. The same people who laugh are the ones who constantly scroll their thumbs and try their hardest to escape into this world focused on other individuals instead of themselves.

I’m not here to talk about anyone else’s problems. I’m here to talk about my own. It got to the point where I sat around scrolling on Instagram and other entertainment websites for hours doing nothing beneficial for myself. As of today I will put a stop to this madness!

But it’s not easy. I’ve dedicated so much time into wasting my time, that when I try to do something constructive like study for a test, I reach for my phone. So now I’ve turned my phone OFF and am typing this message on my computer.  And I realize it’s even worse! I get this feeling inside that hurts. It’s like an itch you can’t scratch or an irritation so heavy it hurts.

It actually got to the point where I couldn’t focus anymore. I was reading my schoolwork and replacing words with the word “Instagram.”

No one should have to go through this so it’s easier to just keep up this cellphone/social media routine. But if you’re serious about your life and aim to live the best life possible,  focus on yourself and the world around you by staying away from this demon. It’s a trap, so stop while you can before it’s too late.

This is the hardest thing ever, but I will do it. I will get the original “me” back. Wish me luck.

What are YOU going to do?

If you think its so easy to stop the habit, lets see you try. There’s no way I could continue my studying without getting this off my chest.  I only got on social media to share this message. If you can’t force yourself to get off social media, the least you can do is use it effectively right now by forwarding and sharing and tweeting about this blog so that it goes viral.

That’s all.  Signing off to attempt to study again.

Berkeley Smith is a freshman at Arizona State University.  She gets her writing chops from her father!  

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