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The Smartphone Tipping Point

The Power to “Police the Police” is in the Palm of Your Hand

Smartphone savvy videographers turn their phones sideways when recording video

First, Mike Brown in Ferguson.  Then Kajieme Powell in St. Louis.  Now Ezell Ford, a mentally disabled 24 year old African American male in Los Angeles.  Shootings and brutality like these recent cases are nothing new. What is new is the fact that most citizens are now armed with a powerful policing device known as the smartphone.  Everyone should be aware of his or her rights to videotape in public places.  Police officers do not have the right to confiscate your camera in a public place for any reason.

These shootings were the “tipping point.”  The landscape has changed regardless of of the judicial outcome of these cases because people now have powerful video evidence of laws being broken.  This ACLU article explains your rights under the law to videotape.

Turn Your Smartphone Sideways for Video

It is important to remember to turn your phone sideways when recording video evidence.  The aspect ratio matches television and computer screens better in “landscape” mode.  Furthermore, a wider shot can reveal more evidence.  This video is a little too long but check it out and make it viral.  A rap version is a timely opportunity for an aspiring artist!  



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