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Silencing the Negative Voice Within Debuts

“The Voice” has finally spoken!


Thank you to all who turned out yesterday to see the debut of my new keynote, “Silencing the Negative Voice Within” at the Knight Non-Profit Center in Gulfport, MS.   It felt good to finally give the speech to somebody other than my dog, Comet!

A special thanks to the newsrooms at our two local television stations on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  These stories are well done.

My only regret is that I didn’t find the time to get a haircut the day before!  I got one today!

Here is Michelle Lady‘s coverage on WLOX. (ABC, CBS)


Here is coverage from Nick Patrick of WXXV (FOX, NBC)

The feedback from people in the audience confirmed that my message was well received.  It really gives me joy to inspire people and to make a difference in their lives.  After the presentation, I was told by one attendee that it touched her in a special way.  Another called me after the event to thank me and to say that she really enjoyed it and has already implemented her plan to make her negative voice within shut up!




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