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A shout out to my friends in New Jersey and Atlanta.

The Dream Lives On…


I received word from my new friends at NFL Films in New Jersey regarding my recent audition to be a narrator for their productions. They said they will keep my audio on file and when a producer wants to choose me to narrate, they will be in touch.

I don’t know if that is a nice way of saying “No thanks,” or if I will actually get that call one day. But I do feel so much better after taking the shot.


Atlanta Bound and on a Mission to “Silence the Negative Voice Within!”


Today I am making a quick trip to Atlanta, Georgia, where I am speaking at Kennesaw State University tomorrow. My “Quality of Life Coach,” Sugar Stallings, ESQ. will be driving a modified vehicle we secured from Team Adaptive Medical in Biloxi.

The seeds for my speech at Kennesaw State were planted 32 years ago, when my bandmate, Kevin Gecowets and I played for the Marching Mustangs at Downers Grove South high school in suburban Chicago. Haven’t seen him since. Looking forward to our reunion.

  • Atlanta is the headquarters of my fraternity, Omega Psi Phi.
  • Atlanta is the home of about 15 relatives from both sides of my family. It is also the home of dozens of very close friends.
  • Atlanta is the home of the Shepherd Center, one of the best rehabilitation centers in the country and the home of Mark Johnson, one of the greatest connectors of people I have ever met.
  • Atlanta is the home of Dr. Mitch Tepper, one of the leaving authorities on disability and sexuality in the world.
  • Atlanta is the home of Robby and Rickey Heisner, creators of the rock band Van Gogh, who made the music for my radio show, “On a Roll: talk radio on life and disability.”
  • Atlanta is the home of Simon Illa, music producer who produced the music for my radio show, “The Strength Coach.”
  • Atlanta is the site of one of my most memorable speeches of all time. It was at the Philips Arena. It was a graduation speech for Masha Malikina, a wheelchair user who was refused the opportunity to walk across the stage at her high school graduation. A local radio station gave her her own graduation at the arena, and I was selected as the keynote speaker.
  • Atlanta is the home of Steve Cohn, the editor of my memoir, On A Roll: Reflections From America’s Wheelchair Dude With The Winning Attitude.
  • Atlanta is the home of Eleanor Smith, founder of “Concrete Change.” She invented the term “visitability” and championed the concept of new homes being built with at least one level entrance and a bathroom wide enough to fit a wheelchair. So we can “get in and pee! “
  • Atlanta is the home of countless other friends and associates. You know who you are. I hope to see you tomorrow.
  • Atlanta is also the site of one of the biggest disappointments in my professional career. If you have heard me speak in the last 10 years, you know what I’m talking about.

It took me many years to overcome the effects of the negative voice that dominated after that day. If you come hear me speak tomorrow at Kennesaw State, you will learn the secrets to helping you silence the negative voice within. I guarantee that you will be moved by this presentation and it will have an impact on how you view life.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
1 o’clock till 3:00 PM
Register here for details and information.

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3 thoughts on “A shout out to my friends in New Jersey and Atlanta.

  1. Please come join us in the Kennesaw State Student Center. We have some free seats for the 1pm presentation. And Greg did you really have to mention how long ago we were in high school? ;-)

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