Greg Smith Keynote Speaker

Leadership Expert on Resiliency and Inner Strength – Greg helps leaders and teams “Go Full-Strength!” for maximum productivity.

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Bring the Strength Coach to Your University’s Campus!

Shaudell Brooks was given a copy of Greg Smith’s book On A Roll: Reflections from America’s Wheelchair Dude with the Winning Attitude.  A busy college student, she let the book sit for a long time, but was compelled to pick it up earlier this year.  She read it in one sitting! “Reading your book gave me more motivation to keep doing what I’m doing and make a difference in the world like you have,” she wrote in an email to Greg.  “If you have any advice I would be thrilled.” The two recently met and Greg was so impressed with her drive and ambition that he brought her in as his College Liaison.  If you want “The Strength Coach” to speak on your campus, Shaudell will work with you to make it happen!

 Greg’s Presentation to College Students

In his presentation to college audiences Greg delivers his incredible story and mixes it with life-changing realizations that are particularly applicable to the lives of students.  He explains how the college years are the most important years of a person’s life.  He shares his definition of college success – both from an academic and experiential perspective.  He reflects on the importance of engagement during his college years at Arizona State University, which included campus radio, professional internships, and his fraternity.  After hearing Greg, students will gain a perspective about the balance between fun and work, the importance of self-discovery, and the “end-game” preparation for life after college. Greg’s presentation to college students is entertaining, compelling and filled with wisdom that students will remember.  And the message is genuine and truly “from the heart,”  inspired by the love he has for his own kids who are currently college students! You and your campus community will be glad you hired “The Strength Coach” to speak!