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Operation Rise & Shine Update

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To whom it may concern… My patient, Gregory A Smith, Sr, has muscular dystrophy and congestive heart failure. He recently purchased a mattress from Sears that is too soft and does not allow him to turn over in bed independently. He needs to exchange it for a mattress that is more firm…

Sears is making me get this doctor’s note to them so that I can exchange my mattress before waiting for a 31-day trial period to pass. I still have to pay a 15% restocking fee. That’s the latest in “Operation Rise & Shine,” my quest to be able to get into and out of bed whenever I choose.

Despite the extreme challenges presented by the soft mattress which is about 2 inches higher than my old one, I am proud to announce that today, I was able to make the transfer out of bed and into my wheelchair.

Getting into the chair requires very specific positioning of my feet and elbows. The chair must be parked in the precise spot at the exact angle. My elbows need to be positioned in such a way that allows me to gain leverage to push my rear end from the bed into the seat. And I must be able to flip my right arm back to reach the string attached to the “tilt” button on my chair and pull it. This tilts the chair backwards and raises my body to a point where I can use gravity to sit upright.

I can’t take FULL credit for this morning’s transfer, however. I had to ask my dad to reposition the string. And remember those sexy sheets my mom bought? I’ve been using the silk pillow case on the bed (without the pillow) to allow myself to turn my head easily. The pillow case kept getting in the way of my elbow positioning so he had to help me by removing that as well.

However, when I finally arrived in the seat, I gave my dad a fierce scowl, bumped my fist against my chest and let out a loud “ARRRRRRGH!” He laughed.

With determination, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. Remember to always turn “I want to” into “I MUST do” when the stakes are high enough. If you must, you will.

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