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Leadership Expert on Resiliency and Inner Strength – Greg helps leaders and teams “Go Full-Strength!” for maximum productivity.

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Millions of people have seen Greg in the national media

Greg has been featured by dozens of national and local media throughout the years as a disability expert and a professional speaker. He is well known in the disability community nationwide for his pioneering work with On A Roll Radio.

New York Times Magazine


It’s not that race has never affected Greg Smith’s family. His father, Jim, who grew up in Mississippi, was accepted to medical school until the people who ran things discovered he was black. Once, when the family moved to a new house, an F.B.I. agent went to interrogate him, the elder Mr. Smith says, because it was considered suspicious for a black man to have “a boat, a riding lawn mower and a new car – two cars.” But Joanne Caputo’s documentary “On a Roll,” which has its premiere tonight on PBS’s “Independent Lens” series, is not about race…

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Wall Street Journal


“And now, occupying the best parking space in syndicated radio, the wheelchair dude with attitude, the hip crip who gives you tips: ‘On A Roll’ radios’s host and founder, Greg Smith!

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio — The opening rant for his weekly radio show concluded, Greg Smith leans into the microphone, a Velcro harness securing his 65 pound frame into his wheelchair. In a bass voice in sharp contrast to his frail body, he introduces the show’s topic: entrepreneurship and disability.

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NPR Commentary


Like so many others, Greg Smith, a 41-year-old father of three, was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. His family lost everything to the storm, including his stat-of-the-art red wheelchair he used to live an active life in the face of muscular dystrophy.

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