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Low Life Scum Robs Disability Non-Profit

By Greg Smith

Image of hole in the ceiling over Cindy Singletary's desk at LIFE.  Where the robbers entered.

Yeah you are a real gangsta!  You planned the perfect heist.

You arranged for an open window in an adjacent building, came in through the attic, cut a hole in the ceiling, and climbed out with 5 laptops valued at about $3,000.  Big score.  Congratulations.  They should make a movie about you.

Except they don’t make movies about low life scum who steal from independent living centers.  You don’t get a theme song.  No big-name star would take your role.

Do you even know what an independent living center is?  I’ll tell you what it is.  It is a non-profit organization, run mostly by people with disabilities that provides independent living skills training, information and referral, peer support and advocacy for people with disabilities.

A quadriplegic named Ed Roberts started the first one in the 1960′s in Berkeley, California and there are now over 400 of them across the country, providing the services that give people with disabilities a fighting chance to maintain full inclusion in the mainstream of community life.  They range in size from the one in Phoenix with an annual budget of over $25 million to very small organizations like the one you hit in Biloxi, Mississippi.

But to answer my own question, yes, you do know what an independent living center is because you could see the posters on the walls.  You could read the names on the certificates and degrees as you were carefully unplugging and stealing computers and cables from people’s desks.

Cindy Singletary

Cindy Singletary, Independent Living Specialist, LIFE

One of the names is Cindy Singletary, Independent Living Specialist at LIFE (Living Independently for Everyone). I noticed you were careful to not knock her Southern Miss degree on the floor when you pulled her desk away from the wall to access her laptop cables.

“We went into the office and there was a pile of plaster on the floor and sheetrock hanging from the ceiling,” says Cindy.  “We looked around and noticed the laptops were missing.  We lost the whole network.  All the info about what we’ve been doing with each and every individual.  That’s 300 records and includes years of history for each client.”

Thank heavens, Cindy is one of those people who backs up everything so the records are recoverable.  But your actions brought important work to a grinding halt.

“All of our work with Social Security assistance is on hold.  All appointments had to be rescheduled, slowing down an already lengthy process,” says Cindy.  “Today, all we could do is provide information using our own personal computers.”

LIFE will survive.  Readers of this blog and those who see the media coverage of your stupidity will come to the rescue and help replace what was lost. People can donate by mailing or taking a check, money order or cash to LIFE of Mississippi, 2030 Pass Road, Suite C, Biloxi, MS 39531

“It had to be somebody who knew what we had in here and knew a little bit about the construction and layout of our building,” says Cindy. “If it was a client, that’s really sad.  I feel bad for the persons who did this most of all.”

Nice lady.  I don’t feel bad for you.  I hope they catch you!  You messed with the wrong “crips.”  Maybe someone will offer a reward for information leading to your arrest.   Oh, and look for TV news coverage of your “heist” on Wednesday.  You’re going down!


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3 thoughts on “Low Life Scum Robs Disability Non-Profit

  1. It is a sad day when the progress of others is hindered by those who have no sense of remorse or conscious or guilt for such an unthinkable act toward an organization which fights on the behalf of vulnerable individuals. Shame, shame, shame!!!!!

  2. Thanks for stating the truth. I have had the pleasure of working with the staff the the LIFE of MS Biloxi office for years and know how dedicated they are. I just know the community will rally behind them and the office will be better than ever in the near future!!!!

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