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Listen to me on “Disability Matters” Radio!

I’ve loved radio my whole life!

I was on the radio yesterday!  I remember my first time ever on the air. I was a freshman in high school, about to broadcast my first high school football game live.  The Downers Grove South Mustangs were hosting the Hinsdale South Hornets in Downers Grove, Illinois.

My father had to make two trips from the field level to the press box.  On his first trip, he carried me up the bleachers and lifted me over the window into the booth.  On his second trip, he carried a big black box containing the radio equipment that would be needed for the remote broadcast.

Time was short.  The introductions had been announced.  The national anthem had been played.  And we still weren’t on the air!  My dad and a few teachers who were working PA and stats bumbled around with the equipment and finally, we had a feed to the studio.  The intro played and my life suddenly changed.

I knew that day that my future was in broadcasting.  I went on to do 4 years of play-by-play in high school, 4 years of play-by-play in college and work at a top news/talk/sports radio station after college.

After 5 years on the job there, I became inspired to combine my radio skills with my experience as a person with a disability and started a radio show called “On A Roll – Talk Radio on Life & Disability.”  The rest of the story is well-documented.

Yesterday, I was a guest on Joyce Bender’s “Disability Matters” show on the Voice America network.  There is something special about a host and a guest bonding, sharing important information and stimulating thoughts with an audience.   I hope you’ll agree that Joyce and I broke new ground in communicating the disability experience to the world.  Take a listen by clicking the image below!

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4 thoughts on “Listen to me on “Disability Matters” Radio!

    • Jason, If I started a new show, would you listen? Would you like to participate with me? I’m really thinking about getting back on the “air.”

    • Hey Tom,
      Currently, I am not a radio host and don’t have a show. I was a guest on Joyce Bender’s show and she can answer your question. When I hosted “On A Roll: Talk Radio on Life & Disability,” I didn’t focus on specific disabilities. I chose to unite all people with all disabilities with my message and universal topics like employment, transportation, sexuality, travel, housing etc.

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