Greg Smith Keynote Speaker

Leadership Expert on Resiliency and Inner Strength – Greg helps leaders and teams “Go Full-Strength!” for maximum productivity.

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How to Get Hooked on GSD – “Getting Stuff Done!”

Whether it is smoking, alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex, video games, chat rooms, shopping, or food, just about everyone in America is addicted to something. Negative addictions result in job loss, family separation, medical problems, and financial ruin. The average person spends $15,000 a year on his or her soft addictions. All addictions stem from a desire to “feel good.” In this innovative keynote, “The Strength Coach,” Greg Smith will make you realize that the greatest “high” is the feeling you get from accomplishment! How incredibly high you will feel when you ____________ (fill in the blank)? If you derived the same enjoyment from productivity as you do from satisfying your addictive need, how productive would you be and how good would THAT feel? Let’s get addicted to GSD: Getting Stuff Done!