Greg Smith Keynote Speaker

Leadership Expert on Resiliency and Inner Strength – Greg helps leaders and teams “Go Full-Strength!” for maximum productivity.

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Customized Presentations

Keynote Speech Topics Designed Specifically for Your Event

Greg has many stories and lessons to teach about “inner strength” that can be applied to specific objectives. After meeting with you and/or key members of your organization and gaining a full understanding of your goals for your meeting, he will tailor one of his keynote standards into a unique message just for your event.


Silencing the Negative Voice Within

Everyone has an evil voice that spews doubt, self criticism and negativity.  Learn how to make your’s shut up!

In this keynote, Greg Smith reveals to the audience his greatest challenge: No, it is not his muscular dystrophy and his gradual weakening of muscles throughout his body. It is not his congestive heart failure and his periodic battles with fluid retention in his lungs.  It is not the physical barriers or the negative reaction he gets from society because of his disability.  It is not racism.  Greg’s greatest challenge is the negative voice that speaks to him from within, constantly reminding him of his inadequacies and revealing the reasons why he will fail.  That same voice is within us all.  In dramatic fashion, Greg personifies that voice on stage!  In character, “The Voice” shares stories of the time he made Greg quit for the first time in his life, and the time he almost killed him.  In this presentation, attendees will discover three successful tactics Greg used to silence that negative voice, and how those tactics can be applied to their own lives to rid the negative voice from its position of dominance!

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How to Build Inner Strength for Victory in the Game of Life

In sports, teams and individuals don’t win games on the day of the event. They win games from hard work and discipline in practice and conditioning well before they hit the field. The same is true in life. To become successful and victorious in life, we must build our inner strength. We must lift the weights of life’s challenges and become stronger and more confident as a result. In this presentation, Greg will turn the meeting room into a locker room as “The Strength Coach,” and will reveal three keys your attendees will be able to use immediately to build inner strength!

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Accepting Change: “Prognosis – Poor”

Accepting change and finding love, happiness and financial freedom

“Prognosis… Poor.” Those were the words scribbled by a doctor on Greg Smith’s paperwork several years ago. And the words were accurate. Having lived 43 years with Muscular Dystrophy, “The Strength Coach,” Greg Smith has endured constant change for the worse. Every year, every month, every week, he is gradually getting physically weaker. But his accomplishments and satisfaction with life grow stronger every day. Despite the fact that he only weights 65 pounds and cannot sit upright without support, he is an active father of three, radio and television host, author and professional speaker, traveling the world with a message of inspiration. Greg is an expert on accepting change. Most people accept change as a necessary part of life, although very few people embrace it. Accepting change forces us to move away from the familiar into the uncertain, which creates fear. After hearing Greg’s keynote, your attendees will know how to go beyond accepting change. They’ll know how to embrace it!

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Positive Addictions

How to Get Hooked on GSD – “Getting Stuff Done!”

Whether it is smoking, alcohol, drugs, pornography, sex, video games, chat rooms, shopping, or food, just about everyone in America is addicted to something. Negative addictions result in job loss, family separation, medical problems, and financial ruin. The average person spends $15,000 a year on his or her soft addictions. All addictions stem from a desire to “feel good.” In this innovative keynote, “The Strength Coach,” Greg Smith will make you realize that the greatest “high” is the feeling you get from accomplishment! How incredibly high you will feel when you ____________ (fill in the blank)? If you derived the same enjoyment from productivity as you do from satisfying your addictive need, how productive would you be and how good would THAT feel? Let’s get addicted to GSD: Getting Stuff Done!

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Dumb enough for the lawnmower!

Greg shares the reasons for his success despite being dumb enough at age 16 to tie his wheelchair onto the back of a riding lawnmower!

He explains to young audiences that he was dumb enough for the lawnmower, yet smart enough to establish specific career goals and stay away from bad decisions by focusing his activities on those goals. This keynote teaches young people that goal setting, self definition and perseverance overcome youthful inexperience.

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Disability 101

Lessons Worth Learning from America’s Largest Minority

The world has historically viewed people with disabilities as flawed, damaged people whose quality of life is not equal to the rest of humanity. In this presentation, Greg Smith will reveal that through the experience of disability, he and thousands of others have embraced a new spirit of appreciation for the unique life circumstance their disability has offered. People with disabilities should not be pitied or automatically perceived as suffering from an undesirable condition. More and more, people with disabilities are thriving with advancements in medicine, assistive technology and social acceptance. The lesson learned from the disability experience is a valuable one that can be taught to the general population, offering a fresh feeling of personal development and uplift.

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Workshops, Training, Breakout Sessions

  • An historical perspective of services and perceptions of people with developmental disabilities.
  •  The history of the self-advocacy and independent living movements.
  • The benefits of students with disabilities’ inclusion in post-secondary education
  • Self-directed planning for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Seating and positioning techniques for people with physical disabilities.
  • State-of-the-art technologies that can benefit people with disabilities.
  • Airline travel strategies for people with disabilities.
  • A vision for the future of people with disabilities in America
  • How to use the media to effectively promote issues, causes and events.
  • How to network a room: Networking strategies that start relationships

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