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“Inner Strength Day!”

Mount Olive Attendance Center

“Inner Strength Day” in Mount Olive, Mississippi was a blueprint for bringing it to your community!

When I was done delivering the “Inner Strength” message to freshmen and sophomores at Mount Olive high school on April 29, I asked if anyone had questions. There were a lot of smiles and awkward stares, but the kids all sat on their hands, unwilling to ask the first question.

“Come on, somebody has to have a question,” I prodded. A girl on the top bleacher sheepishly raised her hand and said, “She… (pointing at the girl next to her) wanted me to ask you what you like to eat.”

The gym erupted in laughter. I talked about seafood, barbecue, and spaghetti, and after that, the questions flowed. In just one hour, the blank faces that had filed past a stranger upon entry into the gym were now beaming smiles of admiration and respect towards a new friend and mentor.

The prom had been held in the same gym over the weekend. A huge mural with the word “Rock Star” in sparkling letters begged me to call the kids over for a group shot — a perfect backdrop after a presentation in which I stressed to the kids the importance of setting the highest possible goals for themselves.

Mount Olive Kids

A line of young people with their camera phones formed. They wanted to take a picture with “The Strength Coach.” An hour after the speech, I had 5 new Facebook friends and 3 new Twitter followers!

Later that evening, people of all ages from the Mount Olive community came out to hear the “Inner Strength” message in a speech that was interrupted three times for applause. Touching people’s hearts and minds feels good. Making people believe in themselves and their dreams is what I was put here to do. I love my job!

“Inner Strength Day” in Mount Olive, Mississippi was a huge success. Let’s work together and make it happen in your community. You can be the hero who brings me in to fire up the people you most want to inspire.

There is not much work involved. Just make a few introductions and you’ll be amazed how it sort of grows itself. Maybe this time, after the event, we can have some barbecue or spaghetti! Just send me an email or call me at 228-424-3896 and we’ll pick a date to bring the “Inner Strength” message to your area!

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