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How Football Forged my Future

Tuesday afternoon, I had the privilege of speaking to D’Iberville High School’s football team, and sharing with them the story of how I became aware that I had muscular dystrophy… and exactly what that meant.  It is a football story.  I hope you enjoy.

Realizing that I had muscular dystrophy and would never be an athlete made me modify my goals from athlete to announcer. And that led to my career in radio and eventually speaker and author.

“The Strength Coach” reminds you that sometimes you need to shift your goals in order to move forward and reach your destiny. The key is to have a dream and a goal and move forward towards a positive direction.

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2 thoughts on “How Football Forged my Future

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  2. Well said!!! Many people give up too easily in the face of adversity. Those of us with MD at a young age got a head start on re-focusing.

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