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Happy Friday! Appreciate This Weekend!

Happy Friday!  Those two words should be forever united because sometimes, we get so involved in the battle for success that we don’t appreciate the special moments in life.  We work so hard that we are too tired to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Our hunger to attain more doesn’t allow us to appreciate what we already have.  I suggest that you take a moment to think about how you are going to reward yourself this weekend. Instead of focusing on what you need to do to get what you don’t yet have, focus on appreciation.

Appreciate Saturday.  Appreciate your friends and family.  Appreciate your health, the weather, the music you hear, and the football games you watch. Smile and wave at others who are doing the same thing.  You’ll be able to spot them instantly. Appreciate your weekend and take all that positive energy into next week, which will empower you to have the most productive work week you’ve had all year.  The universe won’t reward you if you don’t appreciate it.  Make tomorrow the best Saturday you’ve every had.  Make a memory.

I have two memories I want to share with you as examples of days I will appreciate forever.  The first involves a special day in my life years ago when I went fishing with my dad, uncle and cousin.  Here’s the video documentation.

Another very special day was Memorial Day, 2014… last week!  Again on the water with my dad and this time with two uncles.  We didn’t catch very many fish.  It was hot as hell.  The anchor would catch on the bottom. But the conversation we shared was truly special.  We were four significant, powerful men enjoying our holiday. Our crew:

  • My dad, James Smith, the first African American corporate CEO in his industry who is now retired
  • My uncle John Carlos, famous worldwide for his raised fist in protests of racism in America as he stood on the platform to receive his medal at the 1968 Olympic games in Mexico City
  • My uncle Robert Smith, a leader in the civil rights group Student Nonviolent Coodinating Committee (SNCC)

We talked about fishing, sports, the police, ISIS, traveling, women, our family, and other topics.  I learned more about my dad from the stories my uncles told.  I was relaxing, appreciating and enjoying, recharging for what turned out to be a very productive week.

A person trying to get in shape can’t lift weights every day.  You need time for the muscles to heal.  The same is true with building your inner strength. This weekend, relax, enjoy, appreciate and you’ll feel tremendous inner strength going into next week.


My dad, James Smith, retired corporate executive


My uncle, John Carlos, Olympian, Historic Icon, Speaker, Author


My uncle, Bob Smith, civil rights leader, SNCC organizer, community advocate

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