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Programming Your Brain: Every Night and Every Day

Programming Your Brain

By Greg Smith

When I was starting On A Roll – Talk Radio on Life & Disability back in 1992, I invited motivational speaker Anthony Robbins on the show.  My show was way too small for the likes of Tony, but the gesture he made in declining the interview request was life-changing.  He sent me a free set of his “Personal Power” cassette tapes.  I devoured them, listening every day and implementing his strategies into my life.  I credit the lessons I learned from Tony to much of the success the radio show achieved.

Tony Robbins talks about programming your subconscious mind for success.  Years later after listening to his  Get the Edge CDs, I modified his processes to fit my own life.  I took what I learned from him and developed a tangible way I could take those concepts to a new level with my own strategies.  I started asking myself questions, using my radio studio to record them onto my hard drive as MP3 files. They were deep, thought provoking inquiries. To complete the production, I then mixed them into some ambient music. Between each question, I would leave perhaps 30 seconds of music to give my subconscious mind some time to process effective and empowering answers.

Every Night

At night, I set the files to play continuously. I turned the speakers down very low to the point where the sound was barely audible, and then go to bed.  I carefully crafted the questions with wording that only returned very encouraging, very positive, inspiring answers.

Here are questions I actually recorded and mixed with very peaceful, relaxing music, and played to myself as I slept:

  • How does the knowledge that you have love and warmth in your life change the way you embrace this very moment?
  • Does it do any harm to express appreciation and gratitude openly to the people who help you or have helped you in the past? How do you think being in touch with your appreciation and gratitude serve you?
  • How can you become even more curious? If you continue to ask “I wonder” questions and actually seek out the answers, how much more intelligent will you become? Maybe you shouldn’t just wonder. Maybe you should act on your curiosity immediately by ASKING! How will you become a better person as a result of this? Is there really anything you can’t learn if you put your mind to it? What do you really want to learn? What are you waiting for?
  • What about your life gives you a tremendous feeling of excitement and passion? What are you so enthusiastic about that you jump out of bed and get moving with excitement and energy? Is it obvious that you are a person who lives with passion?
  • If you don’t change your behavior and continue to do the things you have been doing, where will you be in one year? In five years?
  • What if you make changes that empower you in your daily habits? Will that change the course of your destiny?
  • How does the “you” in five years who made the changes compare to the “you” in five years who didn’t? How much happier will you be if you make these changes?
  • Do you believe you can live your dreams? Do you need to believe it in order for it to happen? What is the difference between a dream and a fantasy? If you believe you can realize your dreams, would you give in to settling for fantasy instead of creating the reality?
  • If you realize that the way you have been doing things isn’t working, are you ok with changing the course? What would be the benefit of not attaching too much meaning to any one particular outcome or goal?
  • What characteristics do you possess that give you the confidence to know that you are worthy of your dreams, and of surprises that the universe will present to you? Why do you expect to be successful?
  • What would happen if you smiled more often? Laughed more often? Does a smile or laugh release chemicals in your brain communicating a state of happiness? Isn’t that good for your health? Isn’t cheerfulness an attractive quality? Isn’t laughing fun? How can you create an environment that facilitates laughter?

Every Day

I began to use the concept to develop answers to specific questions to move my career forward as well. For these questions, I used high-energy “trance” music. I burned CDs and played them in my car as I drove around, or in the shower as I started my day.

Here are some questions I recorded and played over and over again, mixed with a driving techno beat:

  • What other ways are there to get more speaking engagements?
  • How can you change your speaking presentations from fact telling to story telling; from presentation to PERFORMANCE?
  • What other groups can you contact in numbers to pitch yourself as a speaker?
  • How can you tap into the diversity speaking market?
  • How can you take advantage of local opportunities to speak at casinos/resorts conferences?
  • Whom do you need to associate with to get casino/resort business?
  • What do you want to stress in your next speaking engagement? How will you begin? How will you end?
  • What can you do to get your book published?
  • What can you do every day that will lead to a relationship? Why are you capable of attracting the woman of your dreams?
  • Who are some powerful people you have the potential to bring into your circle of influence and what strategies will you implement to reach each one of them?
  • What contacts or opportunities are you allowing to fall through the cracks?

Listening to affirmation messages every night and power questions every day brought me closer to the truth than I’ve ever felt in my life. It was a breakthrough.  Within a year, my first book was published, my movie was made and I had the best year ever in my speaking career.  Now, years later, I am recording new affirmations and asking myself new power questions.  I invite you to do the same.  You can use some of my affirmations or write your own.  And create your own power questions that move you in the direction of your dreams.






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