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Inner Strength insights from the world of sports, disability, entertainment, business, politics and everything else I’d like to share with you.

Monthly Archives: February 2013


Bookmark it baby! You’ve found the spot on the web where “The Strength Coach” will repeatedly inspire you to flex your inner strength muscles.

There will a mix of the written word, audio and video. There will be some sports stuff, some disability stuff, some entertainment stuff, some business stuff… but you don’t have to be a follower of any of those. I find inspiration in all the stuff I’m interested in and those are my top interests. But I can guarantee that all my stuff will give you a sense of urgency to become the most powerful person you can be!

And it’s a group effort. Let’s get to know each other using the “comments” area and work as a team toward the goal of realizing our life goals.

And always remember, as I roll through this unique life, I’m collecting great stories I can share with you and yours in my live presentations. Let’s get started!

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